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Located on E. 4th St., directly across from the Hospital parking lot.


ceplogo 3inCoast Eye Physicians is a group of eye doctors who all work together to provide the latest and most advanced care to our patients. We cover a remote portion of the northern California and southern Oregon coast. We understand the difficulties of travel to the cities of the central valley. As a result, we have selected the finest specialists to come to our area and provide you with “state of the art” eye care. Our offices are equipped with top of the line equipment so our specialists can provide the quality we demand. Not only do we utilize our local hospitals, but we also have our own surgery center which not only provides you with excellent care but also does it at affordable prices.

To access this quality care, contact any one of the following offices for an appointment to discuss your vision, eye health or cosmetic needs:

Brookings, Oregon
Gold Beach, Oregon
Bandon, Oregon
Coquille, Oregon
Coos Bay, Oregon
Surgery Center